What the world doesn’t need now…

I’ve started a blog. Whoopty-shit. It seems like everyone has one of these, and (at least the ones my friends have) they’re better than mine…I mean, look at my grammar for crying out loud! But Eli was here visiting me in Minneapolis, and he set it up.

I’ve decided to use this blog to document the following:

1. My attempt to complete the entire “This book will change your life” experiment.
2. The number of books I read, movies I watch, and shows I go to in 2006.
3. The growing quantities of NES (and other Nintendo related) games I’m amassing.
4. The lack of comments I’m going to get from my four readers.

I will give an update soon to let y’all know how things are going. Don’t forget to check out my friends’ blogs over there on the right under “Blogroll.”


3 Responses to “What the world doesn’t need now…”

  1. Pete The Ox Says:

    dear nathan,

    i don’t read comic books, i hate movies, and i actively lobby against video games.

    yes. i want to fight – chicken fight if you can HANDLE it.



  2. Brandon Says:

    Yay! New blogs! People in general might be sick of them but I seriously read all my friends’ pages. Sometimes, I even write them myself. Keep ‘r up.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Also, I think I will put up lists of things I have, besides my DVDs, so I can shame you in the number of Gamecube and N64 things you have. Think of my list as a reachable goal, however, because although I have a lot of things, I do not collect them avidly, so you can someday be as cool as me.

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