Day 1 – Warm Up Day

01.09 (Day 1) – Warm up day – do any of these simple tasks: Lose one ounce of weight by wiggling your toes three times, donate your baby teeth to science, basejump off of a chair, save the life of an ant, tell your deepest secret to your alarm clock, go on a one man protest, make a small dream come true, dye your hair its natural color, eliminate avocados from your diet, gamble $1 on a horse, write the first letter of your novel, graffiti with a pencil, clear out your belly button lint, etc….

Chair Basejump

Well, here we go. I’m off to a good start. I’ve wiggled my toes 6 times (and thereby lost two ounces of weight), basejumped off my chair (Thanks to Ingrid for taking this awesome photo), eliminated avocados from my diet (for today), wrote the first letter of my novel (I made it a ‘Z’, because I think my main character will be asleep in my book…either that or he/she will be chased by zebras), graffitied with pencil (Nate rulz!), and cleared out my belly button lint. I would consider today a success.

Points earned today: 3
Total points earned: 3


One Response to “Day 1 – Warm Up Day”

  1. 11 Says:

    Hey N8,

    I forget to start this week so I’m playing catch up.
    I stole two ideas (or maybe I was inspired) from your journal.
    1) I’m going to try to keep photos of my daily adventures.
    2) Well, I just thought I should keep track of my points as well.

    Okay catch ya… oh you just emailed me back hahahaha


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