Day 7 – Emigrate to New Zealand

01.15 (Day 7) – Emigrate to New Zealand – or at least take the first step. Trust me, New Zealand is awesome.

I just got an email from my friends Albie & Fill who live in New Zealand. Here’s what they had to say:

…we only got your e-mail today. (15th). So we can only do the last thing on your list. Which is “emigrate to New Zealand”. And WE DID THAT!!!! I wonder how many others on your e-mail list can say that? AND FILL REMINDS ME THAT WE ARRIVED HERE ON THE 15TH OF JANUARY 28 YEARS AGO!!!! HOW’S THAT FOR A COINCIDENCE????? It was the second-most important thing I’ve ever done. And I think I can speak for Fill too. 🙂

Congrats and happy anniversary to the both of you!

So I went to the immigration website only to find out that the easiest way to live in New Zealand is to have a spouse, sibling, or child already living there. No luck on that one, unless someone in New Zealand wants to marry me. Any one? Oh well.

According to the website, I need at least one of the following skills:

Education, Health and medical groups, Information and communications technology, Agriculture and farming, Engineering, Trades.

I guess I currently work in the education field, and I know a lot about the communications field. Ingrid will soon be in the health and medical field. So maybe in a few years we could emigrate to New Zealand (and believe me, I’d love to). But I don’t think I can manage it in one afternoon. Unless, of course, I’m a “victim of domestic violence in New Zealand who is unable to return to their home country,” it looks like I’m only going to get 2 points today. I’m OK with that.

I’ll will leave you with a photo of my time in Takaka (which is where Albie and Fill live). Gorgeous, huh?


Points earned: 2
Total points: 19


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