Day 8 – Write a best seller

01.16.06 – Day 8 – Write a best seller.

Wow. So first I looked up which books are currently best sellers. I figured that you either have to have a book that is

a) being made into a movie
b) on the Oprah list, or
c) written by John Grisham (or one of those other jerks)

I’ve got none of those things going for me. But I did come up with an idea for a book. It’s the story of six teenagers who try to steal the answers to the SATs. I’ll ship the idea to Stephen King or Michael Crichton and somehow get it on Oprah’s lame-ass TV show (no offense Oprah). I won’t have to worry about making it into a movie, ’cause it’s already been made into one (The Perfect Score…and it’s one of the worst/best/worst again movies EVER made). I tried to contact HarperCollins about my idea, but seeing as how it was Martin Luther King Day, no one answered. I left a message telling them that I had this great idea, I had an A-list author in mind, and that the book would basically sell itself.

Points Earned: 2
Total Points: 21

One Response to “Day 8 – Write a best seller”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I don’t have anything to say really, just letting you know I love reading your journeys through this game thing, keep ‘r up.

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