Day 12 – Mainstream day

01.20.06 – Day 12 – Mainstream day. Be as mainstream as possible.

So began the day listening to top 40 radio. It totally sucked. I had forgotten how bad that shit is. I also watched Fox news for all my news of the day. Totally not worth it. I tried to be into sports, but the only interesting thing was that Carin Jennings Gabarra played in her 300th international game today (which beats out the man who played in the most international games by over 100 games). Not very mainstream (I was hoping for football or something), but I’ll take what I can get.

I ate only frozen pizza, potato chips, and fruit loops today. It caused me to have an upset stomache. But the craziest mainstream thing I did was drink coffee. I HATE coffee. I always have. I think the last time I even tried coffee was in high school. So I went to a froofy coffee shop and got the whimpiest coffee drink I could find: Swiss Almond Late. It consisted of chocolate, whipped cream, sugar, carmel, almond flavoring, a waffer, and a tiny bit of coffee. I hated it. It had that coffee flavor sitting there punching me in the tongue. And hours after it was gone, I still tasted that bitter burnt shit in my mouth. It was by far the worst part of my day.

I also pretended to drink a beer.

123 Beer Street.


Points earned: 3
Total points: 32


2 Responses to “Day 12 – Mainstream day”

  1. xBrandonx Says:

    I drink beer all the damn time, take a picture of that and smoke it.

  2. Joe Manley Says:

    so, I totally blanked on the orgy yesterday, being in Madison I’m betting I could’ve found one, oh well. Made up for it today. Also started my day with top 40, also brutally reminded how much that shit sucks. Wow. Then, I had fried potatoes with ketchup and ranch. I really hate ketchup, but the ranch wasn’t so bad. Later on, at work, I tried to say “like” a bunch, and also drop bad pick up lines at preppy looking girls. Afterwards, I went to a bar to have a PBR and I watched some NFL playoffs. Apparently I don’t know anything about football anymore. I’m not straight edge, but I’m also not very good at being a big 10 douchebag, despite my frequenting the UW. Three points, swish.

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