Day 19 – Test the power of prayer

I don’t believe in god. And as far back as I can remember, I never prayed. Not seriously anyway. I mean, we said one at dinner time when I was younger (We thank the lord for happy hearts/for rain (or in the winter; snow) and sunny weather/we thank the lord for this our food/and that we are together/amen/squeeze), but that was just said in order to get the food in my belly.

That being said, I tried two kinds of prayer today. The first prayers were for things that I was already doing. I, you know, asked “god” to help me make a great pizza for lunch (success!). Nick had a great little “magic 8-ball” device that was in the shape of Kit Fisto and said things like “use the force” and “it will be so.” He told me that I needed to “use the force” if I wanted to keep Chellie (Nick’s dog) from slobbering on me.


I also tried to do some serious prayer for things that had not happened yet. But the only way I could find out if the prayer had actually worked was to ask for something that would happen today. So I asked for two things: to be able to download that newest episode of “Lost” that I missed on Wednesday & that Ingrid would bring me a treat from work.

As far as downloading the “Lost” episode goes, I tried just sitting in front of the computer and hoping that it would download itself, but I eventually had to open Acquisition and make it happen. It is currently downloading, but I’m skeptical that it will finished before midnight.

Usually Ingrid brings me home some little treat from her job at the Wedge (the largest co-op in the country as far as sales go). Unfortunately, I got no such thing tonight.

So all in all, prayer doesn’t really do anything unless YOU make it happen. I don’t think I’ll be praying anymore, but it was a fun experiment.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 49


4 Responses to “Day 19 – Test the power of prayer”

  1. Andy Says:

    If I were God, and some smug kid asked me to download the new episode of Lost for him, I’d be like, “Jerk…do it yourself. If you’re going to pray to me, at least don’t be an asshole.”

    I mean, if I were God.

    There’s more reasons to pray than intervention. Most of my prayers are thanksgiving; I do have a pretty awesome life, all in all.

  2. Joseph Says:

    This is funny, I also prayed for a delicious lunch. I was trying a new concept queso, so it was a bit shaky. In this order; hummus, cous cous (w/green pepper, onion, broccoli), two fried egg whites, Mrs. Renfro’s raspberry salsa. Distinct flavor, but the powers that be smiled upon my lunch and made it tasty. Later on, I prayed for a smoothie, to no avail. Then, my final prayer was answered when I went out and about without having to deal with cops. (Three run-ins this week alone!) So the higher powers batted two for three on the day, and my friend Ben and I decided that “God” was probably actually Rod Carew, baseball legend from the seventies. I’m up to fifteen now.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    N8, as always you are among the most randomly ambitious people I have known. Joe, you are a terrible brother – I might have thought you fell off the face of the earth if Nate had not pointed out to me that you have been posting regularly on his blog. I didn’t even know you were participating! And I still have no birthday gift! The gall!!

  4. N8 Says:

    Andy. I agree that there is more to prayer than asking for things…and I’m very thankful for my awesome life…but I can’t very well “test the power of prayer” by saying thanks. So I’ve got to ask for stuff.

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