Day 22 – Single out one of your toes for special treatment.

I decided on the middle toe on my left foot, ’cause what have I ever done for that toe? So, in giving it special treatment, I basically treated all my other toes like crap. When I woke up, I kissed my toe and told it that it was my favorite one. Then I put a little cookie monster finger puppet on it to keep it warm. I didn’t wear socks today so that my other toes would feel cold and miserable, while “cookie” would be warm and comfortable. I also put some of Ingrid’s special foot moisturizer on it. I think “cookie” had a pretty good day.

Cookie Monster Toe

Points earned: 3
Total points: 58

3 Responses to “Day 22 – Single out one of your toes for special treatment.”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    forgot my traffic rule. I was going to do walk backwards across every street, then encourage others to do the same, but I totally forgot. Then, today, I treated my right big toe to some of my friend’s cuticle massage cream and a thorough massage. I think four points on the two days isn’t unreasonable. 22

  2. Sam Says:

    If you keep at this pace (360days in a year-ish/20 days done so far-ish = 18; 18*58 points currently), you’ll have 1044 points! So keep on doing it!

    Best blog on the net, definately.

  3. n8duke Says:

    Thanks, Sam! You rule.

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