Day 27 – Download and spread a computer virus.

One fo the best things about having a Mac is that they only make up 10% of the computer market. That means that it’s pretty tough to get a computer virus. It did make this activity hard though.

I began by looking up how a virus works…maybe I could make my own!

I don’t know that much about computers… So I decided to make a fake one, and spread it on myspace. Most peope on myspace are dumber than a fence post, so it just might work. Here’s what I posted under the heading, “Check it out!”

By opening this, you have downloaded a computer virus on to your computer. It’s going to eat you alive! You’d better repost this within the next two minutes….it’s the only way to save your hard drive.

Nobody has reposted that yet. Can you believe that no one has fallen for that? It seems like every day on myspace someone is posting something very similar. Oh well.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 72

One Response to “Day 27 – Download and spread a computer virus.”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    Mi malparolas esperanton. I forgot to do this one, cuz I guess I was off a day, don’t know how that happened. oh well, still at 33 (Until mi lernas paroli esperanto!)

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