Day 31 – Parasite Day

Today I was supposed to live literally at the expense of others. I tried my best to do this one. I started off by sleeping until noon. Parasites are lazy, right? I ate some of my roommates’ food. Yesterday I found $10 on the ground, so I used that to put gas in my car. I went to the library for my entertainment, and even used the library’s computer/internet to type this out. I waited to eat again until I got to work. So, if I was supposed to stear clear of using my own resources, I think I succeeded. If you think otherwise, post a comment, jerks.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 83

One Response to “Day 31 – Parasite Day”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    Ate others’ food, used others’ computers, even wore some girl’s hoodie for a while. I would say success. Plus, my friend rented Sahara(!) and I watched it, despite having not paid. That gave me indigestion. Oh well. 41

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