Day 34 – Today learn to hypnotize yourself

I didn’t really know how to hypnotize myself…so I did a bit of research. It sounds like the best way to to so is to download a hypnosis mp3 and listen to it. I found a great website with a whole bunch dealing with various topics. I could become a championship dart player, quit smoking, or enlarge my penis. However, these all cost $10+ each. Way too much. Too bad, ’cause I was looking forward to being a better dart player. So I tried to find a free one. I listened to several freebies at Under the “women” section, I listened to “Enjoy Oral Sex.” I also listened to penis enlargement, which had creepy whispering voices saying “your dick growing”, “penis”, and “you will try the extention exercises”. In the “great sex” sample, the voice says, “you are a fucking stud.” (

Then I listened to “Hypnotist of Ladies” by They Might Be Giants

So hopefully one of those worked…who knows…I guess for now I’ll have to give myself two points, but if my penis grows, then I’ll bump it up to three.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 91


2 Responses to “Day 34 – Today learn to hypnotize yourself”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Do you now enjoy oral sex?

  2. SEAN Says:

    What I liked was clicking play on every sample available on a page at the same time. It sounded silly!

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