Day 50 – Today, apologize for something your ancestors did

I know that white people (like myself) have done terrible things, but I am not sure about anyone in my direct ancestorial line that has done something terrible. I’m part Swiss and part English. I know that the Swiss helped out the Nazis during WWII, but by that time, my family was long gone from Europe. I decided to call up my friend Ian “Big E” Allison (who has some Scottish in him) and apologize. He was too lazy to answer his phone so here’s the message I left him:

Hey Big E. This is N8. I’m pretty sure that you have some Scottish in you, and I’ve got some English in me, so I just wanted to apologize for when my ancestors killed Braveheart. Sorry about that. Take it easy.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 130


One Response to “Day 50 – Today, apologize for something your ancestors did”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    I have a bit of Scottish in me, but I went the other way, apologizing to my English friend for making them look like a bunch of stuffed shirt, stuck up ninnies. He got really moody, and said the Scots were barbarians. 63

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