Day 56 – Rage against the machine

For starters, I’ve only been listening to RATM today. I had not done so in a while. Some parts really kicked ass while others were not as good as I had remembered them.

Then I raged against my TV. I watched a movie on TV last night (Panic Room) and I remembered why I don’t watch TV…commercials are awful.


Points earned: 3
Total points: 146


2 Responses to “Day 56 – Rage against the machine”

  1. Brandon Says:

    This next week looks exciting, keep ‘er up, your site is one of three websites I check always. I thought the movie Waiting… was pretty good, but theres is a lot of restaurant humor. I’d say if you have never been to a restaurant the movie might confuse you. Also, if you don’t speak English the movie is really hard to get into. Deal or No Deal is on now, so later.

  2. Joe Manley Says:

    I got pissed because our mouse wasn’t working, but then my roommate came home with a new one. How am I supposed to rage about that? 71

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