Day 57 – Tonight, patrol a bridge against suicide

Tonight was a total success. I called up Franklin and asked him if he’d like to help patrol a bridge against suicide and he said that he just couldn’t pass it up.

We first went to a train bridge. It was really cool and all, but there was no one on it except us. One bridge suicide free.

Next we went to a foot bridge near the Gold Medal Flour building in downtown Minneapolis. The first man we saw was walking by very quickly so I shouted, “How ya doing?” “Good,” he said. I figured that if you had plans for tomorrow you probably weren’t thinking of kililng yourself, right? “Got any plans for tomorrow?” He ran off without a response. Franklin said that the man probably thought I was trying to pick him up. The next person we saw was riding a bike. “You doing alright?” “No.” “Don’t kill yourself.” He didn’t.

We then decided to go to the foot bridge that connected the Minneapolis and St. Paul sides of the U of M. It was a gold mine. Tons of students walking across. Everyone appreciated our concern for their well being, and no one killed themselves on our watch. I did see a cool shoe tree.


We then went to the Hard Time Cafe for some good falafel. Yum.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 149


2 Responses to “Day 57 – Tonight, patrol a bridge against suicide”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    Success here, too, Mr. N8. Madison doesn’t have any major bridges, but it is on an isthmus. I figure, they didn’t specify suspension bridge, why not a land bridge? So I coaxed many people into not killing themselves. Most seemed quite allright with not dying, but a few needed some prodding, as we are undergrads during midterms. 74
    p.s. then I saw a tree that some artist had put a bunch of colorful leaves into. I’m not sure if they were paper or cloth, but it looked very interesting. I nodded, thoughtfully.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Sounds like it was pretty easy in the twin cities, try watching out for suicide in Seattle! Just when you are talking one person out of it three others sneak behind your back and kill themselves, damn nirvana loving rain-having mufuggas.

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