Day 59 – find out something you didn’t know about your early years

Unfortunately my family is pretty close and we talk about things from our early years all the time. So when I asked my ‘rents for some info I only got things I already knew (these are from my dad):

As I recall, you played your first soccer game on the West Lafayette fields northwest of our house on Barlow street. I remember going to see you play, but I was not the coach.

The first computer that you (we) ever had (used) at home was an Apple, given to us by my sister Ellen.

We lived in the country, near Bloomington, IN. While living there, we decided to get a dog. We got a German Shepard mix which we named Amy. Amy was the perfect dog. She would play with you, let you climb on her and pull on her ears, yet never even hint that she might harm you. However, when my (6’4″ 250lb) friend Gordon would come to visit, he was afraid to get out of his truck, unless we were there to restrain her. You had charms to soothe the savage beast.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 153

ps. On a side note, the suudsu was “pretty good” but not “pure genius” as described in the email. Also, I just got back from seeing Orthrelm at the Triple Rock, and it was so fucking amazing. I can’t even begin to describe how great it was. If you get a chance, go see ’em.


3 Responses to “Day 59 – find out something you didn’t know about your early years”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    (email from my sister Kathleen)
    It’s probably too late… and you might already know this… but when
    you were a toddler, Mom and Dad lovingly referred to you as “Joe
    Ayatollah.” This was in reference to the powerful Iranian Muslim
    leader, the Ayatollah Komeini, a violent tyrant of the 80’s. Look him
    up for details, you should be properly flattered.

    I am flattered. 80

  2. Garth Says:

    I’m a friend of Andrew’s, we have met a couple of times. Anyways, I saw Orthrelm a few weeks back, and it was ridiculous good. I envisioned holding a skyscraper blueprint up to a band and saying “play this”, and then they do.

  3. n8duke Says:

    Awesome. I definately remember you, Garth. Are you still out in Seattle? Or have you moved on to bigger and better things?

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