Day 60 – Breakfast at someone else’s place

I didn’t get home last night until like 1:30 after the Orthrelm show, and at that point, I went straight to sleep. I woke up about 20 minutes before my hair cut appointment, and basically didn’t plan this day out very well at all. After my hair cut (it was about 11:45) I headed over to Coffee News for some breakfast and ran into Holly Muñoz, who I had not seen in, literally, years. Check out her band, Aviette. So although I didn’t actually breakfast at someone else’s place, I did have breakfast with someone.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 155


6 Responses to “Day 60 – Breakfast at someone else’s place”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    Mine was also poorly planned. I had a granola bar for breakfast, with my classmates. I can’t claim two points for that, though.

  2. eli Says:

    isn’t holly muños someone i’ve heard of before? did you have a crush on here? oops, maybe i shouldn’t have said that here. BOOyakasha!

  3. ingrid Says:

    ahem! crush?!? who? where? when? not. f-ing. allowed. honey.

  4. n8duke Says:

    well eli, I did have a crush on “here” but not on Holly Munoz…that was Big E.

  5. Andrew McKibben Says:

    Dude, Orthrelm is so sick.

  6. n8duke Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. OV is in my top ten albums of 2005.

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