Day 61 – Press an emergency alarm today

The one and only emergency alarm I came across today was in Crossroads Elementary where I was picking up Nick. I thought to myself, should I pull the alarm/cause a panic/potentially get fired or should I just be a wimp and take the 1 point. I did turn on the emergency blinkers on my car. I don’t think that’s going to change my life though.

Points earned: 1
Total points: 156


One Response to “Day 61 – Press an emergency alarm today”

  1. Sean Says:

    I’ve pulled several alarms. Use my story:
    “When I, Nate Duke, worked at the UPS Store in Noblesville Indiana during X-mas break last year, I spent most of my time either talking to the manager or making collages. One day, as I stood up front listening to X-mas songs on the radio and pretending to like our president, I saw a plastic loop under the register. Naturally, I pulled it. Then I saw the word “emegency” written above it, so I reconnected the loop. I waited for my boss to finish her story and I told her what I did.
    “No you didn’t” she said. We talked about health care.
    Three minutes later, a cop came in and asked if we were ok. Twice. I told him what happened and said “that was fast, that only took you three minutes.” “No it didn’t.” He said. “I was right here.” I agreed, though he was clearly lying. My name is Nate.”

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