Day 71 – Everybody Scream Today

At 12:57pm I was just leaving the post office. I decided to hang around until 1pm so I could do my screaming right out in front. “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” A few people looked at me, but most people just kept on doing what they were doing. It’s insane to me that most people didn’t even react. I know that if someone did something like that around me, I’d sure as hell look/laugh/ask a question. I was also disappointed that I did not hear anyone else do this….I wonder if a) we weren’t screaming loud enough or b) no one else did it.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 184

ps. I will post a photo from yesterday just as soon as Eli fixes the photo section. If you can’t wait that long, let me know and I’ll email it you.


2 Responses to “Day 71 – Everybody Scream Today”

  1. Joe Manley Says:

    I screamed at about four. Does that count for anything? 86(?)

  2. Paige Allison Says:


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