Day 82 – Design and wear your own t-shirt.

I totally forgot about this one until late in the day. So I wore an old Cheese Weed shirt that I helped design back in high school. I sorta get some points, right?

I also made a cool ass shirt out of a flat bottom paper bag, but Eli has yet to fix the photo option on my site, so y’all don’t get to see it. But you can email Eli and tell him to get his ass in gear (elisfanclub at gmail dot com). Or you could join his fan club….seriously.

UPDATED: Thanks Eli. You rule


Points earned: 3
Total points: 214


One Response to “Day 82 – Design and wear your own t-shirt.”

  1. eli Says:

    hey nate, i had totally not even read that entry yet and just got a little bug in me to fix your photo uploader. i did and then i decided to let you know by leaving you a comment and then i read your post and it was all hilarious. so anyway, it is working now. i uploaded a cute picture of a bird i took the other day, you may have seen it on tyler’s blog. also, it’s no a big deal at all, but if you could refrain from putting my entire email address in your blog it will help me maintain my lack of spam. if you need to in the future, the prefered nomenclature would have been: elisfanclub at gmail dot com. get it?

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