Day 83 – Go on a treasure hunt

I love to explore. Especially tunnels and caves. One day I was walking with Nick over in St. Paul and we made our way down to the mighty Mississip. I looked across and saw a huge cave that I had not seen before. today I attempted to find treasure there.

I rode my bike to the river and decided to climb down. Unfortunately I chose the part of the hill that was the absolute steepest. I don’t know what I was thinking. If I had fallen, I would not be writting this. I made my way down until I got to about two stories from the water level. At this point the hill changed from mud and trees to sandstone. Some clever person had set up a rope to climb down.

I started to climb down, lost my footing, and slammed into the wall. I got two nasty scrapes/cuts on my hand. Lots of blood. I made it down to the water level only to find out that in order to get in this cave, I would have to get in the water…at least knee deep. I felt the water and decided that it was WAY too cold, so I climbed back up.

Climbing up was almost as difficult as climbing down. I had to get a stick and carve out some foot holes in the sandstone. Eventually I made it to the top and then biked home. All in all, a great adventure, but no treasure.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 217


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