Day 85 – Make your own pair of fresh jeans and wear them proudly

Before I went to New Zealand, not only did I shave my head and face and then let ’em grow out into grizzly bear status, I also bought a new pair of jeans to work in.


I wore them just about every day whie I was in ‘enzed’. They began to develop holes…and lots of ’em. When I got back home I patched a hole here and a hole there. Pretty soon they had become more patch than pant. I also put all the patches on the inside to show off all of my hard work. The crazy thing is that some of the patches have started to get holes in them.

About two months ago, I was wearing said jeans when I looked down and realized that there were five or six new holes that seemed to come out of nowhere. They just sort of showed up in a spot where there was very little wear. I shelved the pants for a while. When I saw that the “make your own pair of fresh jeans” day was coming up, I pulled them out and began to patch ’em up again. They are seriously falling apart. New holes are spontaneously appearing. While I was patching them several new holes materialized. At one point, a dime-sized chunk of jean fell off and I picked it up. It LITERALLY disintegrated in my fingers. It was crazy. So without further adue, here are my fresh jeans.


This may be the last time anyone sees them. I’m afraid that when I wash them, the only thing that will come out of the wash will be a zipper and a button.


my ass

Points earned: 3
Total points: 221

UPDATE: I finally got the photo on Day 63 up and running. Go check it out. Oh, and new holes have shown up. Also, click here to see an impressive piece of work.


One Response to “Day 85 – Make your own pair of fresh jeans and wear them proudly”

  1. hna Says:

    nice butt.

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