Day 89 – Today act like you’re 75 years old

I wasn’t able to do this one all day because I was working with Gabe and had to take him to two seperate doctor’s appointments, but I did act like I was 75 for a good portion of the day. Gabe taught me how to walk with a cane. I also cooked my broccoli so it was mushy and gross. And for a lot of the day I pretended to be offended by everything that was invented after 1940. Kids today with their MTV’s and their diet sodas.

While driving Gabe around today, I saw a white convertible with “Read Ishmael” written on the side in HUGE black letters. I gave the guy a thumbs up and a horn honk. We shared a smile and a knowing look.

Later in the car, Gabe told me something surprising.
“Gabriel Peter Boldon loves death metal.”
“What’s your favorite band?”
I think he got that from Homestar Runner.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 332


One Response to “Day 89 – Today act like you’re 75 years old”

  1. Keith Says:

    You should have driven too fast then too slow, then too fast again while complaining while asking about everyone “love life”. That would have been very old of you.

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