Day 92 – Today recover your earliest best friend

I attempted to track down my earliest “friend”, Robbie Stoeckle, to no avail. I put “friend” in quotes, because I vaugely remember him holding me down and farting on my face. This was pre-kindergarten.

Next I looked up Andy Kraeling. I know that I’m not spelling his name right. I tried every variation I could think of, but again…no avail. I was looking these people up on friendster, myspace,, google searches…nothing.

But while poking around on myspace I did run into Dustin Carter and Kyle Kellum. These were too good pals from 5th-8th grade when I lived near Cincinnati Ohio. I believe that the three of us got into a lot of trouble when we threw a BB at a passing car, cracking the windshield. Good to see you guys.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 340


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