Day 96 – Fast, and force as many people as possible to fast as well

I woke up this morning already hungry…which is totally crazy because last night a) I ate myself into a stupor at Abbey’s and b) I even ate a late snack just before midnight to make sure that I wasn’t hungry when I woke up. 

I looked up ‘fasting’ on wikipedia and it said that abstaining from sexual intercourse and masturbation is another form of fasting. I’ve done that one no problem. 

Sean and Matt and I went on a vision quest to try and find my spirit animal.  I did see a bunch of ants, a polar bear statue, and a few dogs.  But none of them talked to me.  So I tried to have a hallucination while walking down Division.  I closed my eyes and thought about animals while Matt and Sean directed me away from passersby.  I saw a bird that chirped at me.  So I figured that my vision quest was complete. Here’s a photo of one of my many potential spirit animals.


As far as forcing my fasting on others, Matt ate only a grapefruit out of pity.  I think Sean ate very little, but still didn’t technically fast.   

I waited until the sun went down, then I ended my fast…Ramadan style.  Eatting homemade sushi with the gang (Matt, Teresa, Sean, Ryan, Taavo, David, Mandie, and Kat) felt freakin’ great.  Then during a game of Truth or Dare, Sean put my baloney wrapped wiener in his mouth. 

 Points earned: 3

Total points: 352

3 Responses to “Day 96 – Fast, and force as many people as possible to fast as well”

  1. eli Says:

    nate, i don’t understand how everything with you guys always ends up with a penis in somebody’s mouth. where does that come from? how does it come up? i know that you were playing truth or dare, but come on… a penis wrapped in balogna in someone’s mouth?

  2. abbey Says:

    wow – sorry i missed THAT party. great seeing you – passover would not have been the same without n8 duke. also, you’re the best myspace/friendster comment writer ever.

  3. n8duke Says:

    Wow. Thanks.

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