Day 107 – Stalk an animal

First off, totally unrelated to this activity, I had to get a new title for the X-1 (my old car) because I’m selling it. I went to the DMV and sat around for-EVER. Anyway, you needed to get a numbered ticket and when they call out the next number you got to go wait in another line. I pulled my ticket out of the little machine and it said “46.” They were on “14.” So I sat down next to an older woman who was asleep. I could see that her number was “19.” I attempted to pull off that trick from Beetlejuice when he steals the number from the headhunter who then shrinks his head, but I thought better of it….although I think I coulda pulled it off.

I stalked a total of three animals:

1) a bird was walking across the street and I started slowly following it. It hopped a long for a few steps then, after it realized that I was following it, took off and flew over the building. I ran to the other side hoping to catch a glimpse of it, but I failed.

2) Chellie (the dog that belongs to Nick and Gabe) is a canine companion, which means that he’s really smart. He can turn on and off lights, pick up drop items, and basically follow any command you can think of. I tried to follow him around, but he’s trained to stick to your side like glue, so it was pretty tough. I gave up after awhile.

3) I followed a squirrel around for a good five minutes. He would try to out-smart me by running up a tree. I’d just go around the corner until he climbed down and then followed him again. This went on until he finally figured out what was going on and took off across the street, right through traffic. I couldn’t follow him anymore ’cause cars were zooming back and forth. I’m glad he didn’t get hit by a car, because I would have felt pretty awful.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 381

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