Day 109 – Spaz Out

I work with two autistic children. Gabe (and to a lesser extent, Nick) spazes out fairly regularly. Not in a bad way, just when he’s having fun. So today, while on the trampoline, I told them that I was going to spaz out for about five minutes. I told them not to freak out, but that I was going to. They prepared themselves and so did I. Then I went ballistic. I was jumping all over the place, tackling them, picking them up and throwing them, and just basically going crazy. When the dust settled, I was out of breath and my hair was all caddywompus. When I sat down and thought about it, I used to spaz out fairly regularly when I was younger….not always in a good way, but not always in a bad way either. Maybe that’s just something you don’t do much as you get older/fatter/dumber. I should do that more often.

As an aside, I also realized something today. I had the absolute worst physics teacher in high school. Which is too bad, because today I realized that I really like psychics. The teacher I had made me dislike physics so much that I actually stopped taking science classes altogether. So I’m sure that one day Charles Emmert will google his name and find this page. He’ll cry himself to sleep and I will have had my revenge. What this really boils down to is that I might take a physics class…or audit one anyway.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 387


5 Responses to “Day 109 – Spaz Out”

  1. Dustin Carter Says:

    I salute you for having the word ‘caddywompus’ in your personal lexicon. Well done.

  2. Danny (DK) Says:

    Dude, I totally had Mr. Emmert back at NHS, and yes, you are correct. He is a douche bag. He once sent me to the office because only one of my feet was in the room when the bell went off. I had been sitting quietly in class for about 5 minutes and he clearly saw me before the bell rang. I saw a friend of mine, so I got up and was in the doorway [one of my feet was on the hallway carpet and not the classroom tile] and he totally said I was tardy to his class and sent me to the office. What a prick, eh? I still hate physics because of him, too.

  3. Andy Says:

    Mr. Emmert does indeed suck. I was very lucky to only have him one semester, and that other guy the 2nd semester.

  4. alli oz Says:

    is that wretched man dead yet?

  5. n8duke Says:

    Sadly, no. My mom tells me he was just in the Noblesville newspaper.

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