Day 113 – Pour cocaine down the side of an anthill

WHAT?! This is ridiculous. I tried to find some ants, but it’s been raining for days now and I didn’t think I’d have any luck. I did see several ants about a week ago in the garden, but I poked around and found nothing. Then I tried to get some cocaine. At several intersections thoughout the day I would roll down my window and ask the people waiting for the bus where I could score some blow, again, no luck. I tried my damndest, but this one was too hard. I don’t even know what this was supposed to accomplish. Was it a crule joke on the ants…making them think it was sugar? Or what?

Points earned: 2
Total points: 299 (it was just brought to my attention that my math skills suck. I’m actually at 299 and not 399. Thank you very much. I don’t plan on going back and fixing everyone, so just keep that in mind.)


5 Responses to “Day 113 – Pour cocaine down the side of an anthill”

  1. hna Says:

    maybe it makes them go crazy! like they can get thrice the work done in half the time…

  2. Dustin Carter Says:


  3. sunbridger Says:

    Hey. You are off by 100 in your total points 😉

  4. Keith Says:

    I was thinking maybe it made them realize there was more to life than working…like getting really spazzed out and killing people

  5. Brandon Says:

    easy…I was gonna do that today anyways…3 points…Total: 3 points

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