Day 114 – Naturism Day

OK. So I didn’t do this all day, but I did spend a good chunk of time naked in my house. I think that was kinda wimpy, but it was the first nice day in a week and everyone was outside, and I didn’t feel like getting arrested today. While I was in New Zealand I did go to a nude beach and had a great time. So I’ll probably do a nude day later in life, but I just didn’t put my all into it today.


I got a comment today from “-a-” (who you can email if you like at who said that Ingrid’s dreads looked like a dead cat. I have no idea who that person was, but after checking the IP address I found out that they were from Amsterdam. I find it really funny that someone in Amsterdam would have read backwards through all of my crap and only commented on the deadcatness of Ingrid’s hair. Hilarious. Keep ’em comin’.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 301


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