Day 116 – Petition Day

I signed a petition to release MTV’s The State on DVD, a petition stating that I had had a UFO experience, and a petition for veganic food (veggies grown without the use of manure, ’cause it can cause e-coli diseases even after composting according to this website…but I don’t really believe that).

I made my own petition. Go sign it.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 306


3 Responses to “Day 116 – Petition Day”

  1. sunbridger Says:

    So, tell us more about your experience with UFOs 😀

  2. n8duke Says:

    Right, well, I had was out watching stars when I saw a star dart up, down, left and then disappear. It could have been my imagination or a satelite, but to me, at least, it was “unidentified.”

  3. Brandon Says:

    My old roommate Stolte and I totally saw a UFO one time. We were freaked the fuck out. It was an object that had three bright lights and moved in ridiculous directions and at varying speeds. It’s weird because I NEVER beleive people on TV or wherever when they say they have seen UFOs, and I do not really beleive in aliens anymore, but I have that crazy memory of that time I saw what we could only deduce was a UFO and the contradictory feelings I have about that day are confusing.

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