Day 120 – Spend the day at a funpark

Nick had the day off from school today, so I tried to convince him to go to Camp Snoopy (although it’s not called that anymore, because they lost their “snoopy” deal). Anyway, he told me that he was a bit too old for that and would rather play video games and take the dog for a nice long walk.

But there were two great stories from work today.

1) Nick asked me if I knew what reincarnation was. I said yes. he was wondering what kind of animal I would like to be reincarnated as. I said I’d be interested in being a tiger, a wasp, a snake, a small bird, or a monkey. He told me that he’s like to be a female human. I asked him why and he said something like this, “Well, I’ve been a male for long enough to know what it’s all about, and I still have SO MANY questions about girls, so I figured this would be the best way to get those answers.” Nick is totally awesome.

2) After dinner we noticed that someone had eaten the last of the cookies and then put the empty container back in the cupboard. I asked Gabe if he knew who ate the last cookie…
“Paul Bunyan.”
“Paul Bunyan?”
“The spirit of Paul Bunyan. He’s a famous folk hero.”
“So, you’re saying that the spirit of Paul Bunyan came into your house, ate the last of the cookies, and then put the empty box back in the cupboard?”
“Err, uhm, yeah.”
Gabe, you’re hilarious.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 315


One Response to “Day 120 – Spend the day at a funpark”

  1. hna Says:

    this sounds like a totally awesome day to me… even if you didnt get to go to a fun park. i went to a fun park… its called the honeybucket.

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