Day 125 – Pack a lunch for a homeless person

I was totally thrown off by my getting sick and pukey. I thought that this one was tomorrow, and I didn’t figure it out until it was pretty late. I drove around looking for a homeless person, but there just aren’t many of them in Minnesota….at least not as many as say in Chicago or New York. I went by the 94 bridge by the Triple Rock and didn’t see anyone, and if you don’t see anyone there, you’re not going to see anyone anywhere. I think I’ll have to do this one another day. The last time I tried to give a loaf of bread to a homeless woman, she turned it down. I found that weird.

Points earned: 1
Total points: 324


2 Responses to “Day 125 – Pack a lunch for a homeless person”

  1. hna Says:

    there are plenty of ’em here in seattown. but anywho, this one time i was in chicago and we (me, m@, 11) went to this burrito place and when we were leaving one of the tentless campers asked me for my left overs. i said sure and handed it to him. he opened it up and realized that it was a vegitarian burrito and promptly asked, “where’s the meat?” when i told him it was veg, he decided he didnt want it. i found that weird.

  2. Brandon Says:

    yeah, theres a shit ton here and in portland. if you are eating outside and take your eyes off your food for even a minute there is a good chance one of those disgusting living zombies will take it. always carry a knife on a picnic, even if its not for food.

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