Day 135 – Hunter gatherer day

I started out trying to actually hunt and gather all of my food. I woke up, went in the back yard, and picked some polk (kinda like wild asparagus) and dandylion greens. The greens sucked, but the polk was pretty ok. The only problem was that I was headed to Chicago/Minneapolis on the megabus, so hunting and gathering would be tough. So I changed my plan to make sure that my meals had at least something hunted or gathered. I had breakfast made with a lot of dumpstered food (french toast with real maple syrup & strawberries). So by this time I’d done a pretty good job of being a gatherer. But I have to get on the bus back home soon. This would have been a whole lot easier during the fall. What were they thinking putting this one in the spring? I’d like to attempt this again in the fall.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 345


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