Day 154 – Go to sleep with a bedtime story.

Ingrid read “Clueless George Goes to War” for my bedtime story tonight. It was an X-mas gift from Gregg and Sylvia. It’s pretty funny. I enjoyed having a story read to me and I’m pretty damn tired as I write this, so I guess it worked. I’m off to bed.

Here’s an interesting bootleg shot from spider-man 3.

Here’s a little conversation with Michael (another autistic boy at Nick’s school) that I had on Friday but forgot to mention.

“Hey, Mr. Nate.”
“Do you have any kids?”
“Well, are you married?”
“Well, if you get married, and if you have kids, could you ask them if they like the new Transformers cartoon?”

And I will DEFINATELY do just that.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 391

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