Day 161 – Make people believe you’re a billion dollar cyborg

I really only convinced one person of this today. I told Racheal that I was a billion dollar cyborg and she looked at me strangely (naturally). I proceeded to tell her that I used to work for the US government and that one day I got in a horrible on the job accident. I lost an eye, both arms, both legs, and several internal organs. The goverment was looking for an excuse to try out some cybor technology, so I became the test subject. They did such a great job that you can’t really even tell. I asked her if she was convinced. “With a story like that, who wouldn’t be convinced?” Totally.

Ingrid cut my hair today.





… and here’s Gabe pretending to be Pee-wee Herman

you are new to this turf and we do not take kindly to strangers coming around here

Points earned: 3
Total points: 410


2 Responses to “Day 161 – Make people believe you’re a billion dollar cyborg”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Cut it? Looks more like she butchered it!

  2. ingrid Says:

    Brandon totally wants me.

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