Day 174 – Stroke a bus or train conductor as payment for the fare

I had no intention of riding a bus today…it’s a beautiful (although very hot) day here in Minneapolis and I decided to ride my bike to the movies to see Superman Returns (don’t see it…it was garbage).

I was riding along the shoulder when a city bus came by and tried to make a turn. The bus actually brushed me and I stumbled, but did not fall over. I made it to the sidewalk and turned to see what the bus was doing. The driver came to a stop in the middle of the road, the bus door opened, and the driver came out yelling at me. I politely said, “Fuck you!” and kept riding. The next thing I know, the driver has abandoned his bus and is running after me at top speed. Now, I’m on a bike, so I just kept on going….I did continue to tell him to get fucked and he just kept on running. I never actually saw him turn around and head back to the bus, but I can only assume that he did since he never caught up to me. So that’s why I’m not going to ride a bus today.

Points earned: 1
Total points: 444


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