Day 179 – Presell your memoirs based on your spectacular future achievements

Because I had such a good rapport with HarperCollins, I decided to pitch this idea to them. Here’s the email I sent:

Dear HarperCollins Publisher,

Have I got a deal for you. My name is Nathan Merner Duke. I will eventually be the hottest thing since sliced bread, and you can get in on the action. In the next ten years it is my intention to live in Antarctica, become a world champion basketball player, become the mayor of “city X”, and marry Angelina Jolie or her 2016 counterpart.

Later in life I will cure AIDS and figure out that whole pesky “peak oil” thing. It shouldn’t be too hard, ’cause I also plan on winning the Nobel Prize for science of some sort.

Just before I retire I plan on going to Mars and making a Time Machine out of a car….

You can obviously see that this would make one hell of a biography, which I am offering to you for the rock bottom price of $200,000.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 455


One Response to “Day 179 – Presell your memoirs based on your spectacular future achievements”

  1. Brandon Says:

    If I read books I would totally have one of my friends read that and tell me if its any good. Based on that opinion, I would either read it or not. Who am I kidding, I’ll read the whole damn thing and probably proofread an early draft for you. Go get ’em!

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