Day 191 – Go halfway around the world

So I just couldn’t go halfway around the world today. I looked at getting a cheap ticket to China, but there weren’t any. So instead, I made Gabe go with me to an asian grocery, which he really liked. I asked some of the people behind the counter where they were from, and then asked them to say something to me in their native language (or at least their non-english one). It was pretty fun. I also got some spicy tamarind candy from Thailand. It was pretty good.

As an aside, Gabe said the absolute funniest thing he’s ever said today. I found a toy pirate sword in the toy room, stuck it in his back, and said, “Walk the plank, you bilge rat.” He responded with, “Making me walk the plank? You’re the pinnacle of creativity, Mr. Duke.” I freakin’ laughed until it hurt. Where the hell did he get that one? Kids, try and figure them out…you can’t, they’re kids.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 483


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