Day 212 – Call a sex line, speak to the manager…

So, today I was supposed to call a sex line, ask to speak to the manager, and then complain and see if I could get my money back. So first I tried 1-800-ASS-FUCK. Unfortunately the only way I could talk to any one was to enter my credit card, call a 900 number, or have money directly deducted from my checking account. I didn’t like those options.

Next I tried a sex number in the local sleazeball paper. Wild Local Girls….that sounded promising. I finally got customer service and talked to “Matt.” I told him that I had “used this service” earlier in the week and I wanted a refund because the sex talk was “loaded with fowl language” and that the “scenario was extremely implausable.” Unfortunately he didn’t ask for examples, just my name. Steve Johnson. My address. 4253 23rd ave, minneapolis. Then my credit card number. I didn’t feel comfortable giving that out. Eventually he determined that I was shitting him and basically said, “Well, nothing is coming up, and if you can’t give me your credit card number to verify, then I can’t help you.” I pretended to get really mad and I hung up.

Success! Kind of. I mean, I didn’t get a refund, but I did complain.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 537


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