Day 224 – Sleep somewhere other than your bed

This was just one hilarious disaster after another. I grabbed my sleeping bag and climbed up on the roof of the Breadsmith in St. Paul. When I got up there I noticed that there were four or five huge ventilation things up there making a shit ton of noise. I layed down for about ten minutes and realized that I was never going to fall asleep. So I climbed down and went looking for another place. I found a church nearby with a low roof, so I jumped up and was just about to make my way to the top when a car pulled up and someone asked me what I was doing. I just got out of there and kept walking. Next I walked over to Macalester and tried to sleep in some bushes. I layed down and was almost asleep when a security guard nudged me and told me to keep moving. I told him it was an experiment, but he wouldn’t hear it. So I then made my way to the Columbus Community garden by my house. I rolled out my sleeping bag and fell asleep. The next thing I know, it’s about 4am and I am having one hell of a crazy allergy attack. I’m sneezing like I’m going to die. So I walked back to my house, took some allergy medicine and slept on the floor in the hallway. “The things I do for love.”

Points earned: 3
Total points: 567


3 Responses to “Day 224 – Sleep somewhere other than your bed”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Theres the effort I like hearing about. I know its tough to keep up a daily journal of doing crazy things, but they totally are way awesome if you go out of your way for them. Even if they are lies!

  2. Abbey Says:

    I agree. A for effort.

  3. Gary Dexter Says:

    Dear Nate – I’ve just read all of your Diary blog from Day 1 to Day 365 and I enjoyed being in your company for an hour. I was particularly touched by the letter you wrote to your Dad and his reply – being a Dad of two young sons. Another high point was the savagery of your letter to your old physics teacher – though I confess I felt a little sorry for him. All the very best, Gary.

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