Day 229 – Price tag all your possessions

I’m in Wisconsin at a wedding, and I don’t have all my possessions to price…but I do know what things were stolen by that jackass, and here are the prices:

Olypus Digital Camera – $200
10 Gig iPod – $250
Gameboy Advance SP with 8 GBA games and 16 old school Gameboy games – $400

By popular demand, here is the myspace page of the asshole that stole all my stuff. Send him an email and tell him to give it back.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 580


2 Responses to “Day 229 – Price tag all your possessions”

  1. T-Smo Says:

    If you’ve got his myspace profile, why is it he isn’t in police custody?

  2. n8duke Says:

    Wel, this guy is homeless now, and they police can’t seem to find him. But maybe you could write a polite myspace message to him asking for my stuff back.

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