Day 241 – ask Bill Gates for money

I sent the following to Bill.

Hey Bill,
How are ya’? My name is Nate Duke, and I’m a big Microsoft fan. I mean, you guys put out the greatest stuff….Windows 95? Genious. Anyway, I was reading something the other day and I found out that you’ve got a lot of money. Is that true? I was wondering if I could have $100,000 of that money to buy a house. I’d invite you over for the house warming party, and bake you fresh cookies…..what do you say? Just mail me a check. Thanks, pal.
Nate Duke

Here’s hoping.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 608


2 Responses to “Day 241 – ask Bill Gates for money”

  1. tashbash Says:

    I hope you get the money! If you do, you can give me some because the 6th was my 21st birthday! Yay for me!

  2. n8duke Says:

    Of course, Tash!

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