Day 268 – Today list all of your friends and acquaintances and prune them

So, according to the book, the human brain is only able to deal with 150 people in social situations. Here’s as many as I can name off in five minutes. Maybe ten.

Mom, Dad, Eli, Hannah, Ingrid, Gramps, Gramma, Auntie Ellen, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Craig, Gavin, Andrew, Fiona, Philly, Bill, Barb, Tom, Sarah, Joe, Mike, Anne, Rich, Jane, Kallie, Mere, Monica, Joe, Franklin, Matthew, Kelsey, Nick, Gabe, Pete, Claudia, Chouby, Mindy, Nathan, Jen, Brian, Ian, Matt, Sean, Ryan, Teresa, Evelyn, Shane, Taavo, David, Mandy, Abbey, Eric, Emily, Simon, Stella, Steven, Karrie, Karson, Kim, Dave, Lyndsay, Jeff, Kaeden, Gregg, Sylvia, Patty, Jack, Jane, Woody, Hollis, Liz, Paul, Brandon, Drew, Mike, Tyler, Chris, Andy, KC, AJ, Dan, Tasha, Brittney, Chza, Big E, Emily, James, Kassie, Bratwurs, 8-Ball, D-Lux, Jon, Joel, Branny, Ryan, Travis, Justin, Kevin, Emily, Emily, Spectra, Sawyer, Heidi, Sam, Zach, Dave, Amber, Albert, Ali, Nick, Stephanie, Carolyn, Peggy, Greg, Maggie, Lauren, Laura, Hannah, Donavan, Susan, Will, Karen, Mike, Issac, Matt, Clay, Aaron, Emily, Chris, Hanna, Lydia, Meg, Megan, RJ, Martha, Phoebe, Mark, Bjorn, Kallie, Rachel, Sleepy, Dustin, Kyle, Andy, Jimmy, Ben, Ira, Sandy, ‘lane, Ruth, Scott, Heather, Anika, Booth, Teddy, Katrina, Jane, Kaleb, Salli, Albie, Fill, Ana, Sarah, Suz, Elizabeth, Liz, Laura, Kathleen, Nicole, Lil, Olivia, Paige, Peter, & I’m sure there are more, but I’m spent. If I left you out, it’s cause I hate you.

172! Beat that! But I guess that means that I’ve got to get rid of 22 people. So I’ll get rid of the last 17 people and all 5 Emilys. How crazy is it that I know at least FIVE Emilys….get an original name…jeez.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 669

2 Responses to “Day 268 – Today list all of your friends and acquaintances and prune them”

  1. Andy Says:

    WTF–are you engaged?

  2. n8duke Says:


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