Day 274 – Fake your own kidnapping

I sent the following email to my roommates (from my own email address, by the way):

I have your roommate, Nate, and if you ever want to see him again, put $40 in unmarked 20s and a 6 pack of root beer on his desk.
The kidnappers.

Ingrid obviously didn’t give a shit that I’d been kidnapped, but Monica sent the following:

You are the freakin cutest, you little kidnapper you. Just promise to leave a tooth, and your wish will be granted.

(one of) The roomate (s).

But when I got back from Chicago, there wasn’t $40/root beer on my desk. So I guess I have to, like, cut off one of my fingers and mail it to my roommates to let ’em know I’m serious.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 683


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