Day 312 – Make the world a more beautiful place

I made the world a better place today. Allow me to explain:

I found out that the Playstation 3 was going to be released friday morning at 8am. I also had heard that this was going to be THE xmas gift of the year that everyone wanted. So I skipped out on work and headed to the Edina Best Buy at around 6am on Thursday. When I got there I was number 29 in line, and feeling fine. However, after talking to a few of the other folks in line, I found out that this store was only guaranteed to have 26, but it might have 28. Shit.

Now, it’s important to note that each Best Buy was guaranteed to have 20 of the 60 gig ($599.99) models and 6 of the 20 gig models ($499.99). So the 21 person in line was pretty pissed off. He had been there for at least one night, and numbers 23 and 24 told me about how he’d been bitchin’ and complaining all night long about how he wasn’t going to get a 20 gig. I heard him say some of the dumbest things I’ve heard anyone say. Mostly about girls he wanted to have sex with, dudes he wanted to fight, and games he wanted to play. My favorite quote from this dumb ass was, “Getting a 20 gig instead of a 60 gig is like PAYING for REO Speedwagon tickets when they’re giving away Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets.” Brilliant.

I said goodbye to my new friends and headed out to a nearby Target. 8 PS3s, 9 people. The next target; 10 PS3s, 11 people. Circuit City; 6 PS3s, 8 people. Damnit. So I headed off to the Richfield Best Buy because the rumors were that there were 144 machines at that store. When I arrived at 11:00 am I was number 138! Hell yeah!

The atmosphere at this place was amazing. There were people stretched around two corners of the store in tents and sleeping bags. Some people had personal heaters and charcoal grills for heating AND eating. One rather large bearded man had a leather easy chair that he’d been sleeping in. Everyone was really friendly and nice. Someone would head out to use the bathroom and people around them would save their seats. Sometimes people would buy a few pizzas and just pass them around to everyone in line. People were chatting, playing video games, watching movies on portable DVD players, throwing frisbees and footballs, drinking beer, smoking pot… was just a crazy shanty town with really tight community.

Best Buy was not having a list or anything to keep track of who was were in line, so the people in line took it upon themselves. One person in charge of 1-50, another in charge of 51-100, and a last person in charge of 101-?. It really worked out well and I’m glad we decided to do that. The last number I heard was on the list was 186.

Around 3pm the General Manager came out to tell everyone “the numbers”. There would be a total of 135 machines. 109 at midnight (20 60 gigs and 89 20 gigs), and 26 at 8am (20 60 gigs and 6 20 gigs). The reason they had to hold off on the last 26 machines was because of some legality regarding the adds in the newspapers. The GM also told everyone that the tents had to be packed up at 7pm. Weird. So as a group we decided that at 5pm, everyone should have their tents put away and we’d line up and check the status of the list.

Now here I am at number 138, and only 135 promised machines. I decided to hold off until 5 to find out how many people had left. After much nail biting I was told two different possible places in line. I was either number 133 or number 129. I was in, but now I had to figure out if I was going to be waiting until 8 am instead of midnight. You see, once they gave out the first 20 60 gig machines they would ask number 21 if they wanted a 20 gig or if they wanted to go into the line for tomorrow morning and get the 60 gig. I figured that there were at the very least 20 people before me that would wait the extra 8 hours to get the far superior 60 gig machine. I mean they’d been out there for several days. If I was correct in thinking that, then number 129 would be the last person to get a machine that night (because they had 109 machines and 20 more people opting for the 60 gig the next morning).

When we consolidated the line, everyone was told to meet the person before and after you in line so that no one could sneak in line anywhere. This also allowed people to go to the bathroom or go inside and warm up for a bit without worrying of loosing their place in line. I t was great, ’cause I could go inside and play Guitar Hero 2 for 30 minutes or so and then go back outside.

I held my breath and waited for hours on end. 11 pm rolled around and the GM came out with the tickets needed to get the PS3 at midnight. I could see the stack of tickets getting smaller and smaller. When the person in front of me got his ticket I saw that the GM had ONE ticket left in his hand. I was right! I WAS number 129, so I got the last ps3 (20 gig) at midnight and didn’t have to sleep over night out in the 25 degree temps.

And that’s how I made the world a more beautiful place….I will make a bunch of money and make some rich kid’s X-mas dreams come true.

Points earned: 3
Total points: 773


One Response to “Day 312 – Make the world a more beautiful place”

  1. eli Says:

    awesome nate! i’m glad it worked out for you AND you made the world a better place. i’m also glad to have the numbers all laid out for me there.

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