Day 350 – Find the holy grail

X-mas eve. I tried to find the holy grail at church for the midnight service. No luck. Here’s two good stories though. 1) It was hilarious to look down our row at church and see people just obviously not paying attention. Nintendo DS, Sudoku, books….it was hilarious to me. 2) We walked around the church a little bit and found an american flag next to a certificate that said that the flag was given to (and then flown in) a bomber that “hit all of it’s targets” back in 2003. How the hell can the church support that kind of shit. It makes me so angry. I’m just glad I’m not associated with Christians. Yuck.

Points earned: 2
Total points: 854


2 Responses to “Day 350 – Find the holy grail”

  1. Alex Says:

    Not all Christians are like that. I’m sorry those are all the ones you’re exposed to. It’s just like America. Do you reject it because of those who make you feel ashamed of it?

  2. N8 Says:

    Yes. Let’s start over.

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