My day.

Here are some of the highlights:

1) I beat Kid Icarus for the first time today. I must say that I enjoyed it, but the ending was kinda lame. However, I really like in video game credits when they thank the player for playing. it’s sweet.

2) I took out my tongue ring. It had been irritating my gums/teeth for a while, and I just thought now is as good a time as any to get rid of it. If I miss it too much, I’ll just repierce it. I got it done in some crazy lady’s living room in Indianapolis in July of 1998 with Ian and Shane. So I had it for 8 and a half years. That’s nuts.

3) I got an amazing Su Doku book. It’s “Su Doku Fiendish” which means that all of the puzzles are really tough. It’s exactly what I need ’cause, not to toot my wn horn but, I am pretty damn good at sudoku, and regular ones are kind of a joke to me.

4) I went out to eat at “Spoon River” which I really enjoyed. Spoon river is an organic/sustainable/local restaraunt in downtown mpls. I had some pretty kick ass spicy potato ravioli in curry sauce and an “urban s’more” which featured home made marshmallows and home made chocolate ice cream on the side. Booyah!

5) I just watched the new episode of Lost. Pretty damn good, if you ask me.


2 Responses to “My day.”

  1. eli Says:

    i took out my tongue ring a few months ago for nearly the same reason!

  2. n8duke Says:

    How long did you have yours, e?

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