Guitar Tab

I’ve never written a guitar tab before because I don’t really know how to play the guitar, or what the hell I’m supposed to do, but I just figured out how to play an amazing little ditty, so I’m going to put it up here. It’ll kinda be a contest of sorts. The first person to play it and figure it out will get my praise. Go for it. Also, bear with me if this tab sucks….if you’ve got other ideas of how to fix it up, let me know. Thanks.

e |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
B |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
G |=-=-=-16-16-15-16-15-13-11-13-11=-=-=-=-|
D |=-=13=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-14-14=-=|
A |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
E |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|

e |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
B |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
G |=-=-=-15-15-13-15-13-11=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
D |=-=11=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-13-14-13-11-13=-=-|
A |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
E |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|

e |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
B |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
G |=-=-=-13-13-11-13-11-9-8=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|
D |=-=9=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-11-13-11-9-8=-=-=|
A |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|
E |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|

e |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
B |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
G |=-=-=-=-9-13-11=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
D |=-=8-11=-=-=-=-14-13-11-13-11-9-11-13=-=|
A |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|
E |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|

& Repeat!

Best of luck, sucka.


5 Responses to “Guitar Tab”

  1. eli Says:

    i have no idea what this is, nate. i got out my guitar and gave it a shot, and i have never heard anything like it ever before. what gives?

  2. Ian Says:

    Man, I played this 5 times through. I have no clue. Part of it sorta kinda reminded me of the Godfather soundtract, but I figured it is from a Nintendo game.

  3. n8duke Says:

    Since no one can figure it out, I’ll hip you to it…’s the theme from Borat. Get with it, dudes.

  4. Ian Says:

    I have yet to see that movie.

  5. Chocolate Says:

    Hey, Nate, heard the good news about you guys moving to Portland. We were just there this weekend, and I’m super excited about living down there. It’ll be awesome. On another note, I just kind of started poking around your blog for the first time, and I hope you keep up to date on the books you have read this year. I’m always looking for new shit to read. I’ve read quite a few books myself this year, and if I remember and if you have any interest, I’ll post ’em up and tell you if I think they are any good. Holla.

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