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The Ten

April 30, 2007

I saw The Ten last night as part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Fest, and it was amazing. I laughed so hard that my sides litterally hurt. I don’t want to give away anything funny, but the basic idea is that there are ten short stories that weave together throughout the movie. Each story is based on one of the ten commandments. Go see this movie when it opens August 3rd. You won’t regret it.

As an aside, the director, David Wain, was supposed to be there to talk about the movie, but for some reason he couldn’t make it. That was the one let down of the night.


A quick update.

April 7, 2007

Here are a few things:

1) I saw the new Ninja Turtle movie this week. It’s not so good. I mean, the fight scenes are pretty fun to watch, but I had lots of problems with the movie as a whole. First off, not nearly enough Don, who is my second favorite turtle after Raph. Secondly, the soundtrack is unlistenable. It’s all this Rapcore bullshit and breakbeat techno. I couldn’t handle it. The song that runs over the credits is equally as laughable as Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice, but it doesn’t have the charm of being written by Vanilla Ice. Thirdly, turdly, the dialog is just filled to the brim with horrible puns and cliches. I mean, “Hey, next time, I’m drivin'” made me wanna throw up. Lastly, I do like that they tried to do something new and not put Shredder in it, but the plot of this one was bad. Why have they not put Krang in a TMNT movie yet? I figured this one would the the perfect one, since it was all CG. Oh well.

2) I saw Cattle Decapitation, The Daughters, & The Locust last night. Cattle Decapitation, whose albums I kinda dig, got pretty dull after the first three of four minutes, ’cause all of their songs sound the same. Have the Daughters gotten a new singer fince their first album? Cause this new dude (or just the old dude nowadays) sucks….a lot. He’s terrible. They would have been better without a singer. However, I did like how the singer continued to spit into his underwear. The Locust was just amazing. If you have not seen them, get on that. They are amazing musicians and will fry your face off. Seriously.

3) For those of you who do not know, I’m moving to Portland, OR. …in two months. It’s going to be crazy and nutty, and I can’t wait. So, if you live out there and wanna give me some advice, do so quickly. If you live around here in Minneapolis and wanna hang out before I take off, do so quickly.

4) This week’s episode of Lost was pretty fantastic.

5) I just read the Ultimate Spider Man Clone Saga and it was wonderful. Much better than that turd from back in the 90s.

6) I’m currently reading Children of Men by P. D. James, which was then turned into one of my favorite movies of all time. The book, so far, isn’t very good…but I’m only about a third of the way in. I’ll be posting something in my “Books I’ve read in 2007” section when I finish. By the way, I’m pretty psyched that I’m keeping up with my average of two books per month. In fact, I’m ahead. I’m usually a slow reader, so I’m proud of myself.