Today was a great day

1) Today while leaving the post office some dude with shoulder length hair and headphones came up to me and asked:

“You rock?”
(he then made a ‘hang loose’ sign with his pinky/thumb) “Ozzy Osborne!”
“Oh, yeah….”
“Right on.”

2) Today Nick was singing the following to the tune of “We’re Not Going to Take It”

The constitution has
Lots and lots of loop holes
You can do whatever
You want.

It was amazing.

3) I went to the 1-2 Go! Crew “Reunion Show” at Memory Lanes. It was amazing. For those of you who don’t know, 1-2 Go! Crew is a fantastic sXe hip hop group from the Twin Cities. The funniest part (besides hip hop covers of Gorilla Biscuits/Youth of Today/Minor Threat songs) was the cover of a xCarebearsx song. xCarebearsx was a band that I was in back in 1999 with CHZA, Franklin, & T-Bag. Ben Crew (the MC) started the jam off with the following:

Yeah …. Macalester College …. St. Paul ….. Eclipse Records ….. CARE BEAR STARE!

It was incredible. At any rate, I got a copy of the 1-2 Go! Crew discog, and if you wanna hear the CB cover, let me know and I’ll email you.


One Response to “Today was a great day”

  1. eli Says:

    1) hilarious
    2) hilarious
    3) hilarious

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