A few movies I’ve seen.

I know that I have to do a proper update about my move to Portland, my trip to mpls, pentwater, indianapolis, the 2500 mile road trip, my possible trip to Antarctica, etc., etc., etc.; but instead, I’ll talk about a few movies I’ve seen recently.

Superbad – Great. WAY better than Knocked Up. Seriously though, Superbad was really funny. I highly recommend.

King of Kong – An amazing documentary about Donkey Kong world records. It was fantastic. I love Steve Wiebe. That guy rules. I’d like to meet him.

Dirty Sanchez The Movie – Imagine Jackass from Wales (the country, not the mammals). And Imagine it WAY crazier. You have Dirty Sanchez. The movie was filled with puke, tattooed penises, cannibalism, and random hilarity.

Anyone else have any movie recommendations? I plan on watching Fido, Sunshine, & Paprika within the next week or so. Everywhere like such as.


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