one crazy ‘summer’

Things have been ultra crazy around here, but the most fun part of that craziness has been this weekend. Two awesome fests are in portland: the Stumptown Comics Fest and the NWCGE2K7. I’ll start with Stumptown….for those of you who don’t know, Portland is chalk full of indie comics. Oni, Top Shelf, & Dark Horse are all stationed here, and tons of writers/artists live here (Bendis, Wagner, Thompson, etc). So this was kind of the super hip comiccon. I got to check out some sweet handmade comics (some of them just about as professionally made as Fredward ever was). I met Matt Wagner and he stetched a sweet Trinity (Supes/Bats/Wondies) scene in my hardcover version of Trinity. I met Eli’s buddy from Nintendo, Kazimir Strzepek, who makes a fuckin’ cool book called “The Mourning Star”. Check it out. I got to go hear Mike Alred speak, which was WAY cool. I am a huge fan of his work on Xforce and Xstatics because it was like NOTHING being made at Marvel at that time. It’s incredible. He was such a cool guy to meet, and I wish I could have hung out with him longer….Madman #3 (from the current series) is absolutely amazing…pick it up…you won’t regret it. (oh, and I went to this fest with my new buddy, Matthew, who is totally cool, and I can’t wait to play some Settlers of Catan with him).

NWCGE2K7 (North West Classic Gaming Expo 2007) is very differnt, but very cool in its own right. There were just as many venders, but these guys didn’t make the product they’re selling. It’s weird going to look at NEs collector’s crap they’re selling. I don’t need any of it. I was unable to find a single game that I needed for my collection (click that little ‘NES games” button on the right to check out my collection). I was able to make a few new friends, including a guy named John Hancock who has more video games that I’d ever be able to keep track of. He was very excited to meet me, and he’s even offered to give me a hand tracking down the last few games I need. There were several tournaments going on during the two days: Halo 3 (gross), Guitar Hero 2, Burgertime on the NES (which I had the high score on at the end of day one), Mario Clash on Virtual Boy (which I had the high score on at the end of day one), and various other games. I’m pretty psyched to go back tomorrow and school all of those kats in Dr. Mario.


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